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When you deal with the javascript and when you are using any form elements of the page in the script then you better make sure that your whole page gets load first. The form elements that you are using into the script will only get used until the page loads completely.

I have faced one situation where I was using popup window and was transferring the data of parent window to the opened popup. I have created one function into the popup window which will set some values into the text elements of the popup. I am calling this function from the parent window by passing some arguments to that function.

Now what happen is, when I am calling this function by putting some ‘alert()’ messages into the caller function and called function then the script is working fine for me. And when I am removing the ‘alert()’ message box from the script, the script stop working.

When I have analysis the script and debug it, I found that when I am calling a popup function from my parent window, the function did not set values into the text elements of the popup. This is because the popup window is not loaded completely. When I am putting an ‘alert()’ message box, the popup window gets sufficient time to load while I am busy clicking on the OK button for the alert message.

Thats it… I found that I was writing the script for the form elements which are not yet loaded into the popup and thats why I am getting this issue. I have resolved this issue by calling the javascript function of the popup only after it gets loaded completely.

If you found any similar issue then you can discuss here, I will try to solve it out.

Happy Programing!