Network access for Distributed Transaction Manager (MSDTC) has been disabled

Posted: March 24, 2009 in Windows
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System.Transactions.TransactionManagerCommunicationException: Network access for Distributed Transaction Manager (MSDTC) has been disabled. Please enable DTC for network access in the security configuration for MSDTC using the Component Services Administrative tool. —> System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x8004D024): The transaction manager has disabled its support for remote/network transactions. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8004D024)

You can resolve this by following the steps below

Control Panel – Administrative Tools – Component Services – My Computer properties – MSDTC tab – Security Configuration tab – Network DTC Access (checked) / Allow Remote Clients (checked) / Allow Inbound (checked) / Allow Outbound (checked) / Enable TIP Transactions (checked)

REBOOT computer

  1. Joannah says:

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  2. Jesse says:

    Please do not enable “TIP Transactions” — it is a very rarely used transaction protocol and enabling this will do nothing except open the attack area on the machine.

    Likewise, enabling Remote Clients may also not be necessary depending on your needs.

    Finally, a reboot should not be required for these settings to be put into affect. At most, a restart of services like MSDTC,SQL,MSMQ are all that’s required.

    Some settings are discussed at length here:

    Future questions can be directed to the Tx forum here:

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  4. absorgo says:

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  5. Marinkina says:

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  6. George says:

    My app and SQL server are on different machine. I quess I need to do this on SQL server machine as well. After that, I got following error:

    System.Transactions.TransactionManagerCommunicationException: Communication with the underlying transaction manager has failed. —> System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80004005): Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.
    at System.Transactions.Oletx.IDtcProxyShimFactory.ReceiveTransaction(UInt32 propgationTokenSize, Byte[] propgationToken, IntPtr managedIdentifier, Guid& transactionIdentifier, OletxTransactionIsolationLevel& isolationLevel, ITransactionShim& transactionShim)
    at System.Transactions.TransactionInterop.GetOletxTransactionFromTransmitterPropigationToken(Byte[] propagationToken)

    For information, my SQL Server is on a Window 2008 server. And Distributed Transaction Coordinator service is running on both machine.

    Any advice?

  7. Chandoo says:

    Thanks dude, i am able to fix this.

  8. […] then you have to do as it says and enable network access in the DTC on the server where the WCF service is hosted (and also on the database server I woul assume, but I haven't actually checked). Here's an instruction on how to do that: Network access for Distributed Transaction Manager (MSDTC) has been disabled […]

  9. Murli Krisha says:

    Woo it worked can but someone make me understand how it works and what is the use of it.

  10. Sourabh says:

    I think reebooting the computer is not required,it will automatically restart the MSDTC service…. 🙂

  11. […] Before you Start the User Profile Synchronisation Service check that you have the DTS enabled.… […]

  12. NewBoy says:

    Thank you for your post!I have a similar problem,but so far I haven’t found a more good resolvent

  13. AAB says:

    Before doing anything here, check if you have an open connection when the scope completes. This was the cause in my error. Traced it down to the connection being open since I had it in the try catch. It is beneficial if you put it in a Using construct.

  14. SSIS_NewBee says:

    It worked thanks

  15. DD says:

    This post was very useful. We had been facing various problems with DTC but hopefully all should be resolved now.

  16. Yash says:

    Works like charm !

  17. stuttzenaida says:

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  18. Hashim Akhtar says:

    You saved the day! Thank you!

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